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November 11, 2015 - View Homes


11.11.15  New homes come with, of course, a new home warranty but that doesn’t mean they don’t have to be maintained or cleaned. Home maintenance made easy – try these helpful tips from the customer care department of Horizon View Homes.

For a quick and easy way to clean your microwave, all you need is water and a couple of other natural ingredients to get your appliance sparkling and smelling fresh again

From microwave popcorn to reheating pizza and melting chocolate, your microwave does heavy-duty work day in and day out. And that also means heavy-duty grime and food odors.

The good news is, according to the home experts at Houzz, is that there’s a fast and easy way to get your microwave back to just-out-of-the-box clean, or almost there.

Wipe it clean daily using a soft cloth, sponge or paper towel, wipe down the inside ceiling, floor, sides and tray. This removes any spatters that might have escaped containment before they have a chance to harden.

Steam-clean the stubborn stains. Using a microwave-safe container, heat about 1 cup of water on high for two to three minutes. Let it sit for up to five minutes, then carefully remove the water (it will be hot) and the turntable. Wipe down all the surfaces with a soft cloth, sponge or paper towel.

Remove odors and disinfect during this process as well, by adding half a fresh lemon to your cup of water while it’s heating up. The lemon half will be hot when removed, but once it cools down a bit, run it through the garbage disposal to freshen that as well.

Follow up by using white vinegar as a natural disinfectant. Dip a microfiber cloth in a 50-50 water-vinegar solution, wring it out until it is slightly damp and use it to wipe down the surfaces.

In most cases, this will be enough to leave your microwave’s interior sparkling. If there are still some splatters, just repeat the process.

Finishing up. Clean the turntable you removed earlier. Almost all turntables are dishwasher-safe, but if you’re not sure about yours or you doubt your microwave could be out of commission for the length of a dishwasher run, you can clean it with warm water and dish soap.

Wipe the rubber gaskets with a damp cloth too. A damp cloth is also a good choice for wiping down the glass door, but if the door is very greasy, use a 50-50 water-and-white-vinegar solution or glass cleaner. For a polished look, wipe everything dry with a soft, dry cloth.

Finally, wipe down all outer surfaces with a soft, damp cloth. If things are particularly greasy or covered in fingerprints, go over them again with the water-vinegar solution.You can dry the surface with a soft cloth for an even more polished look.

And if you just happen to be one of those homeowners who vacuums your refrigerator vents, do your microwave vents at the same time!

About Horizon View Homes: Building new homes in northern Colorado, Horizon View Homes is a division of Desert View Homes. Desert View Homes (Desert View, Aspen View, and Horizon View Homes) is one of the top 100 home building companies in the nation and dedicated to servicing the entry level and move-up home buyer. With divisions in New Mexico, Texas, and Colorado, Desert View Homes has accumulated numerous awards and has been acknowledged in national trade journals as one of the most affordable home builders in the country.


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