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1612 Grand Overlook St.

The DeNiro, a 2,200 sq ft. two-story home, has a Master suite many would die to have. The suite has a walk in closet off of the bathroom, but what is to be envied is that the laundry room is accessible not only from the hallway, but from the master’s walk in closet! How much easier does this make it for you to get your laundry if you forgot something or to keep the clutter of dirty clothes away from your closet space! The 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath house comes with some great options such as adding on an additional space to the garage making it a 3 car garage, a fireplace in the grand room, or best of all a finished basement! This area would give you another bedroom, bathroom, and a recreation room.

Floor Plan

De Niro Gallery


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