Home is Where The Pets Are

Pets, for some, are more than just pets – they are part of our family. For some they are our children, our greatest companions, and our best friends and as their caretakers, we want to make sure they are always safe and comfortable in our homes. Here are some tips for making your house pet safe.

Store hazardous materials safely.

Having and storing chemicals or dangerous objects and items can be a necessary part of life, especially for us humans. However, many household cleaners, chemicals, and even some plants can be toxic to pets. To keep our precious fur-children and companions safe, aim to keep these items stored safely in a locked cabinet or out of reach, just as you would with a child. If you are unsure if anything is unsafe or questionable to have around your pet, take the safer route and air on the side of caution! Research options and answers or if all else fails, simply avoid placing such items in any easily accessible areas to your pet.

Keep small items out of reach.

Along with the first tip, also make sure to keep small objects such as buttons, rubber bands, and coins out of reach of your fluffy, feathery, or scaly companion. Critters are notorious for wanting to test new things with their teeth but unfortunately, this can lead to choking or worse. While unsupervised, make sure to keep these items out of reach or secure them in a container that your pet can’t access. This way, when you’re at work, out shopping or hanging out with a friend, you know your pet will be happily waiting for you when you get home.

Keep food out of reach.

It’s no surprise that many of the food we consume can be harmful and even deadly to our pets. Many food items can cause serious illness, including chocolate, grapes, and onions. It can be hard to resist those cute little begging faces and while some things are ok in moderation, it’s usually recommended to not give your pet “human food” simply for their safety. As always, make sure to check with your veterinarian on what is ok to feed your beloved animal and for those food items in doubt, keep it locked up somewhere safe or stored in a pet-proof container.

Secure your trash.

There is no telling what we dispose of from day to day. Old food that’s spoiled, broken glass, medical supplies, old chemical or cleaning containers and copious amounts of plastic – all of it can be harmful to our dear four-legged friends. They can’t help but follow their instincts to forage and check out things that smell enticing or curious to them, so to help ensure they stay safe, keep your trash and disposed of waste out of their mouths and paws! Find a secure bin they can’t get into or make sure to place any trash bags where curious little claws can’t rip into.

Cover electrical cords.

As mentioned, there seems to be no end to a pet’s curiosity. From the big to the small, some pets find they have a talent for chewing through wires and cords, which of course can be shockingly dangerous. Coming home, or simply waking up to find your pet has chewed through a charging cord or your favorite set of earbuds can be quite frustrating – as well as potentially dangerous! Keeping certain electronics and items plugged in has become a must in this day and age but that doesn’t mean we can’t take extra steps to make sure it also stays safe, and in the process keeping our fur babies safe too. Look into electrical covers or ways to disguise and hide your cords so that your cat, dog or pet doesn’t try to have a shocking snack that could damage its mouth.

Keep windows and doors secure.

Sometimes, we might get lucky and end up with a pet that has no desire to escape, content with living the cushy life. But other times, our pets may have a sense of adventure and want to be in the great outdoors like their ancestors. While they may think they can survive outside, sometimes the fact is that they can’t. A pet that’s been entirely domesticated can run into trouble or situations that may end unfortunately for it. To ensure your pet stays safe inside, make sure to find appropriate locks for your windows and doors. Supervise any outside time your pet is allowed then safely bring them inside when finished should ensure your pet child stays happy and healthy!

Remove toxic houseplants.

As mentioned previously, it’s not only cleaning chemicals and materials that can be dangerous to pets. Many types of plants, such as tulips or lilies, we buy regularly can be toxic to cats, who love to chew on plant leaves and grass. If you want to make sure your feline friend stays safe but still enjoy the look and smell of flowers in your home, look up safe alternatives. There are many types of flowers and plants safe for pets and owners alike to enjoy in their homes.

Provide a safe space.

Just like we do, our critters need a space that’s all their own to be able to retreat too and relax after a long day, hard play or stressful event. Some owners will designate an area for their pet or an entire room for their fur child. Whatever your case may be, these pet areas are the perfect place to ensure a healthy safe space for your animal. Provide them with the necessities such as a bed, food/water bowl and their favorite toy but keep anything hazardous clear of the area. This way, if you need to put your pet somewhere for whatever reason (visitors, housework, etc), you know they are in a safe area that smells like them and is comfortable to keep them calm and relaxed.

Making your house pet-safe is an essential part of being a responsible pet owner, but it can also be rewarding to both you and your pet. Not only will your pet thank you for putting their needs first, you may just find that your life becomes even easier too. Owning a Thoughtful Home from View Homes is a blissful experience that not only keeps you content but also ensures the happiness of your beloved pet. With homes designed for us pet owners in mind, offering a range of features that prioritize the well being of your furry companion via advanced security systems, real-time surveillance, and smart technology, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your pet is protected even when you’re not around!