Possibly one of the most exciting steps in the home building process for a new home buyer is the designing of their living space. This is the part of the building process that a person’s personality is added to their new home in an array of colors and textures. Because we want the building of your View Home to go as smoothly as possible, we have some tips to help you be prepared for this exciting part of your home buying journey! Contact your Sales Specialist for your Design Center services.

Preparing for Color Selection

It is our experience that most of our home buyers have a basic knowledge of color and style expectation prior to their scheduled color selection appointment. Being prepared to inform your Sales Professional of items that you viewed at one of our existing models will help us identify your preferences. You are welcome to bring cushions or swatches to coordinate colors during your color selection appointment and please feel free to inquire with your experienced Sales Professional about what has worked well for other customers. The colors you choose will be the surroundings you will commit to living in, preparation is the key to successful color selection and a home you will enjoy.

Defining Your Color Preferences

Part of the fun of buying a new home is selecting colors. Our goal is to present a professionally selected arrangement of color packages for your new home that will enhance your surroundings.

  1. Your Sales Professional will contact you to schedule an appointment to review your color selections.  
  2. During your scheduled visit, you will be expected to make your selections within the 1-hour appointment- this is why preparation prior to your appointment is so important.
  3. If for any reason, suppliers have discontinued any of your selections, we will contact you and ask you to make an alternate selection as quickly as possible.
  4. On occasion, if a home is already under construction it is necessary for us to select and submit all color choices, which cannot be changed later.
  5. As construction continues, you have the opportunity to view the implementation of your color selections, upgrades and options and features of your home by scheduling an appointment with your Sales Professional.