Customer Care

Welcome to the View Homes Customer Care Center. As a View Homes Homeowner, you will receive warranties on the construction and finishes of your home.  Specifics regarding the warranties are described in the homeowners’ warranty provided as part of your purchase agreement.

View Homes would like to extend our help in any manner we can to ensure your home is cared for with ease and attention.  Below you will find a list of resources available to you. If you have any questions regarding your new home, need emergency services, or help filing a warranty claim, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Emergency Services

After Hours Emergencies

As defined by the limited warranty, an emergency includes situations such as:

Total loss of heat

when the outside temperature is below 45 degrees F.

Total loss of electricity

(Check with the utility company before reporting this circumstance to our offices or electrician.)

Total loss of water

(Check with the water department to be certain the problem is not a general outage in the area.)

In the case of a leak due to frozen pipes, immediately turn off the main water supply to your home and contact your homeowners’ insurance agency.

Gas leak

(Contact your utility company or plumber if the leak is at the furnace or water heater supply lines.)

Plumbing leak

requires the entire water supply to be shut off.

Community Contact

Who To Call

During business hours, please call our offices to speak to a Customer Care Representative.  For after-hours emergencies call your local office below:

Aspen View Homes – Colorado

Normal Hours:
(719) 203-4348

After Hours Emergency:
(719) 203-0246

Desert View Homes – El Paso

Normal Hours:
(915) 591-6319

After Hours Emergency:
(915) 540-6294

Desert View Homes – Las Cruces

Normal Hours:
(575) 997-5474

After Hours Emergency:
(575) 652-1092

Horizon View Homes – Colorado

Normal Hours:
(720) 818-0806

After Hours Emergency:
(970) 692-6173

Armadillo Homes – Laredo

Normal Hours:
(956) 724-1811

After Hours Emergency:
(956) 962-9806

View Homes – San Antonio

Normal Hours:
(210) 662-0066

After Hours Emergency:
(210) 662-0066

Hills View Homes

Normal Hours:
(605) 210-5504

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