Give yourself some love this Valentine’s Day!

Treat Yourself This Valentine’s Day

From couples who have spent decades together, to those young in love, Valentine’s Day is when lovebirds come together to celebrate romance in their own special way.

For some without a special someone, Valentine’s Day is commercial holiday filled with chocolates, cards and flowers. Whether you are single or in love, Valentine’s Day is a day for love – and self love is included!

Let’s change the narrative that Valentine’s Day is only for couples! Here are some fun ideas to treat yourself to something special to celebrate this Valentine’s Day.


You, Popcorn and a Flick

Oftentimes people feel uncomfortable going to the movies alone simply because of optics. However there is power and fun in going alone! You don’t have to share your snacks, can quietly watch a movie without interruptions and are able to disconnect from the world. So grab a ticket to a film you’ve been dying to see, splurge on popcorn and have a nice date with yourself!


A Spa Trip is in Your Future

Something that we are all in search of? Rest and relaxation. Which is why on this Valentine’s Day, we recommend treating yourself to a zen-like spa day. With calming massages and facials that will improve your skin, a spa day is an ideal way to pamper yourself. Book an appointment at a spa that you’ve had your eye on, get a mani-pedi or style your hair in a fresh and bold new way!


Try a Road Trip 

Instead of staying home this Valentine’s Day, try something adventurous! Think of a place you’ve always wanted to visit and go! A road trip is the perfect way to drive through large cities and small scenic towns while taking in local culture and history. Grab a family member or friend to travel with you, it’s the perfect way to make long lasting memories together.


Feed the Family 

Valentine’s Day can also be a day to spread love and appreciation to your family, which is why it’s the perfect time to do something special for them! We recommend preparing a special meal straight from the heart. It is a way to say thank you for the role they play in your life and a memory they will look back on fondly.


New is Totally In Right Now

Spice things up and try something new this Valentine’s Day! Cook a recipe you’ve been eyeing on Pinterest or TikTok, try out a yoga class or head out to an art painting event and try your hand at a few strokes of the brush. Whatever it is you want to try, go ahead and just let go. Have fun!


Love is Selfless

Perhaps you know someone who is having a hard time this Valentine’s Day and could use a little something to brighten their day. Maybe an elderly acquaintance or a grandparent you’d like to send something thoughtful too. Why not do something kind and gift them a bouquet of roses and a sweet card just to bring a smile to their face!

Love Yourself Self

The most important thing to remember for Valentine’s Day and beyond is to love yourself. Remind yourself that you are worthy of love and pampering. So let loose, do one or all of the above this Valentine’s week and love yourself that way you deserve!