Spring Activities for the Family to Enjoy

Spring Break is a perfect time for families to bond together and create lasting memories. While school is out, you can find numerous activities to enjoy with your children both at home and around your local community. Below are five ideas to make the most of this time together!

abstract nature spring Background; spring flower and butterfly

Embrace the outdoors:
Spring usually means mild weather and ideal temperatures to explore nature as a family which means many fun outdoor activities to enjoy with your children and family! Enjoy a hike in a nearby park, have a picnic in a lovely garden or go for a bike ride around your neighborhood. Make sure to take time to enjoy the finer things in life, such as newly blossoming flowers, chirping of the returning spring birds and learning about the wildlife and land around you, enriching yourselves about the wonders of the natural world.

Unleash that Creative Energy with Arts & Crafts:
For some, having your child home during Spring Break (or any time) can feel like a huge drain. All that pent up energy with seemingly nothing to do may seem daunting. But there are ways to spend quality time at home while letting that energy unleash safely – and creatively! Using paints, clay or recycled material encourages your child’s imagination to let loose by making handmade crafts, cards, designing jewelry or constructing their own mini city complete. Not only will this help direct and channel their energy into creative outlets but will also provide an opportunity for them to express themselves.

Discover the joy of cooking:
Cooking might not be for everyone but for some it can be a joyful and bonding experience. Why not show them aspects of the culinary world they may not have noticed before? Involve them in meal planning, grocery shopping or let them pick a special dish they’d like and choose the ingredients for it! Not only can this teach them valuable life skills and create cherished moments but can also help you lessen the burden come meal prep time!

Dive into a good book:
Who doesn’t love reading? While it may not be an activity that exerts physical energy, it can help stimulate the mind and engage the brain in exercising the imagination. Why not visit your local library or explore online resources to find age-appropriate books for a family reading time? Set aside dedicated time for reading each day, followed by discussions of the stories and characters, see which points your child loved most! Grow their imagination while improving their literacy and your bond between parent and child.

Volunteer and give back to your community:
It’s important we all learn compassion and giving back to our community. One way we can achieve this is by engaging in volunteer work together. Take your child to explore local charities, animal shelters or community gardens. Contributing your time and energy in acts of kindness will not only cultivate empathy in your child but also strengthen your community bonds around you!

Spring Break can be an excellent opportunity to strengthen the family bond, create lifelong enemies and teach valuable life lessons. Rather than agonize of what could be, set up goals, dates, and scheduled times to explore nature, engage in creative activities, plan meals, dive into books or give back to your community! These enriching experiences will not only make the most of your time together but also enrich your child’s personal growth.