Easy Halloween Decorations to Spook up Your Home

Halloween is just around the corner, which means its time to get your home into the spooky spirit! You don’t need to break the bank or spend hours crafting to transform your space into a haunted haven. In this blog, we’ll detail some easy Halloween decoration ideas that you and your family can tackle together, so grab your broomsticks and let’s get started!

Spine-Chilling Doorway
Nothing sets the tone better than the first few steps so make sure to get it right by decorating your doorway. Spread out some faux spider webs across the entryway of your home, line it with plastic spiders and drape some black or orange streamers for an eerie vibe. You can also top it all off with a spooky wreath or a silly “Beware” sign to usher in all those ghosts, ghouls and goblins coming your way!

Beautiful Candlelit Lanterns
Creating an enchanting atmosphere is as easy as placing simple candlelit lanterns around your home. You can use mason jars, glass vases or even old tin cans should you desire. Just add some black, orange, purple or slime green candles and watch as the flames flicker and cast shadows on your wall. To step it up, try painting a jar and leaving space so that the light forms shapes on your wall, the possibilities are endless!

Mysterious Mirror Messages
Dry erase markers or window chalk can turn any mirror or window into a mysterious message waiting to be discovered! Line it all with extra fake web or drape a old tattered sheet behind it for ambiance. Then write phrases such as “Help Me”, “I See You”, or even outline a hand print and send shivers (or laughs) down the spines of anyone who gazes into them!


Spooktacular Silhouettes
Paired well with the idea above, you and your children can cut out fun and spooky shapes such as cats, bats, witches, pumpkins, haunted houses, anything you can think of to put into your window to add more eerie flare to your windows or even on various walls and doors within your home, or outside your home! Paint them or decorate them if you wish, or cute out holes where the eyes or mouths would be and fix a light behind to make them glow at night and seen from far away!


Ghoulish Gallery Wall
Find some eerie images, print them out and frame them for a “haunted picture gallery”! There are several places that you can find free printables online or even use pages from old horror books or magazines. Arrange them in a cluster for maximum impact or arrange them into one creepy haunted family portrait!

Pumpkin Parade
No Halloween décor is complete without pumpkins of course! While carving can be the favorite and most popular fun, you can also achieve an effective and low-maintenance display by simply painting or decorating them with paint, stickers, glitter or even washi tape. Create a pumpkin parade on your porch or along your mantel using all kinds of decorations and effects to spice up your festive feelings to the next level.

Floating Ghosts
Floating ghosts have been a popular decoration for a long time and are easy to hang from your ceiling or tree branches. You can create them in a number of ways by using white balloons and drape them in cheesecloth or white fabric and secure them with string. Add a manor of spooky, funny and silly faces with a black marker to give each one their own personality!


Elegance with Candelabras
If you are looking for an elegant look resembling that ‘Phantom of the Opera” vibe, you can set out some DIY candelabras. Spray paint some old candlesticks or empty wine bottles black and place dripping candles in them. Choose red for a vampire look or perhaps white for ghostly, or a even black candles for a heavy gothic-inspired centerpiece. Add some plastic spiders, or a fake skull to top it off and bring some creepy elegance to your space.

Creepy Crawley Table Settings
Give your guests a fright by setting up your table with some creepy crawlies! Scatter plastic spiders, snakes or rats among your plate settings. Use some dark colored tablecloths to hide some fake bugs or garnish your dishes with some rubber eyeballs or goblets of ‘blood’! There are many themes and ideas you could choose from to give your guests a good scare!

Sinister Soundscapes
To add even more to your already amazing display, enhance the atmosphere with some Halloween-themed soundtracks or soundscapes! Add some clinking chains, a bubbling cauldron, mournful wails or cackling ghouls. The right soundtrack can make all the difference in setting the mood to your totally haunted house.

Halloween doesn’t always have to be over the top. It’s all about unleashing your creativity and having fun. These easy decoration ideas make it simple to turn your home into that festive haunted haven. Whether you choose to go for classic, creepy or cute Halloween attire, these decorations will ensure your home is ready to welcome all those trick-or-treaters with a ghostly grin! Dust off that cauldron and don’t forget to feed the bats as the spooktacular season is near!