Engaging Activities to Enjoy with Your Child During Summer Break

Ahh Summer Break! A wonderful time for families to reconnect and create lasting memories together while school is out. Why not take time this summer and create meaningful activities to do with your child both at home and in your community? In this blog we’ll explore five fun and educational activities that you and your family can enjoy during these moments!

Explore Nature – Even your own Backyard

You may be surprised to find that your backyard can become a mini adventure zone when nothing else seems to spark interest. This summer try setting up fun activities such as a scavenger hunt, a game to find or identify different plants or insects, create a nature journal as you go and encourage your child to document their findings! You can even see about planting at a local park or just creating your own special garden right in your own back yard. Learn and love your environment this summer, the sky’s the limit!

DIY Science Experiments

This summer, turn your home into your very own science laboratory! With simple household items, you and your child can create fun educational experiences such as a homemade volcano, create your own slime or craft your own “secret potions” by experimenting with water, oil and other safe substances. Buy fun molds and make your own soap or even your own homemade ice cream! Tap into that inner ‘crazy’ scientist and let your tinkering run wild.

Family Game Nights

If you can manage to tear yourself away from a screen for a bit (We know how hard that is in this day and age!) why not try engaging in some good, old-fashioned fun with a family game night! Gather around your table, or in your favorite comfort area and break out a puzzle, board game or card games! Spend some quality time trying to find those corner pieces, moving spaces to claim a house, or reversing the fun of drawing cards. Rotate who gets to choose the next game for the next week and watch the fun (and possible positive chaos) ensue for a night of family shenanigans!

Visit Local Commodities

If staying at home or exploring your own backyards isn’t an option, try exploring the cultural and educational offerings in your local community. Visit the library for a reading session or check out what displays your local museum has that day. See if you can’t hit up a science center or even an art gallery to spark creativity and inspire your child’s mind to engage and expand this summer.

Volunteer Together

Teaching your child the importance of giving back to your community can be a valuable life lesson. But it can also seem daunting and unpleasant to some. Instead, try and find local volunteer opportunities that speak to your child’s interests and passions. See about helping a local pet shelter or helping clean up the nearby beach. Volunteering together helps instill empathy, compassion and a sense of social pride and responsibility. Help shape your child’s character and future while strengthening your family bonds at the same time.

Summer Break can be a precious time to accumulate lasting memories, promote learning experiences and strengthen your family bond. Engage in activities both at home and in your local community so that you and your child can make the most of the summer break! There are endless opportunities for fun, growth, and connection, so go out there and embrace the summer! Embark on exciting new adventures with your child and family and shoot for the stars!